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Obama: US and Israel differ on Iran nuclear deal

US President Barack Obama acknowledged on Monday that he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "have a very real difference" regarding nuclear negotiations with Iran.
In a campaign speech, Netanyahu criticised the international negotiations with Iran and portrayed his scheduled address to the US Congress next month as an attempt to describe Israel's objections.
Obama said the world powers negotiating with Iran are unified in their offer, while acknowledging the forceful opposition from Netanyahu.
President Obama defended his decision not to meet with Netanyahu while he is in Washington, DC at the invitation of Republican House Speaker John Boehner.
Obama cited the precedence for US Presidents not to meet with foreign leaders who are facing an upcoming election, to avoid the perception of trying to influence the outcome.
Israel has long claimed a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a grave threat to world peace and security.
Israel views a nuclear-armed Iran a threat to its very existence, noting calls by Iranian leaders for destruction of the Jewish state.
Iran says its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes, but critics in the West dismiss such explanations.

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